Nutcracker 2020: Reimagined Up North
Our beloved holiday story begins with Clara and her family exploring downtown Petoskey, Michigan, shopping in the year 2020.

Clara and her brother, Fritz, part ways from their parents and the two children come upon a store with beautiful dolls inside. One of the dolls comes to life to entertain the two of them, luring Clara inside.

The shop keeper then gifts Clara with an antique Nutcracker doll that Clara becomes enchanted by. Fritz becomes jealous of the situation and proceeds to break the doll at his first opportunity.

Clara seeks revenge by rallying her friends to participate in a visual arts battle at the clock tower against Fritz and his friends.

Clara makes her way to the break wall, where she disappears into a magical world, met by her cherished Nutcracker doll - who has transformed into human form!

Along Clara’s journey in her newfound reality, she dances underwater with Water Sprites in Lake Michigan, on the dunes with Petoskey Stones at the State Park, amongst the trees with Wood Nymphs and more.

As her mystical voyage comes to a close, she finds herself back on the break wall in Petoskey. Was it all a dream?
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